Hi, I’m Gloria!


 Welcome to G S Adventum, my page for all things literary, fascinating and adventurous!

About Me:

I am an excitable, incurably curious writer.

I am of the opinion that thirty is the new twenty, Empire Strikes Back is the best sequel 20170624_163032ever made, and avocado is a gift from the gods.

I believe in the magic of the third chardonnay, that food ought not to be boring, and that it is perfectly acceptable for your best friend to have paws.

I think thriving is way more fun than just surviving, that you can surprise yourself with a little discipline, and that riotous merriment with your closest friends is medicinal.


My Inspirations:

I have always been inspired by world builders, in fiction, in lore, in history and even in nature. I am a die hard monster and robot nerd, and always game for futuristic sci fi, especially if it includes space travel or galactic politics. I also geek hard for biographical and historical nonfiction.

FB_IMG_1518201326506 (1)I enjoy modernized fairy tales, stories that aren’t afraid of political plotlines, gothic horror, and intense, theatrical action that leaves you breathless.

But most of all, I love stories about people. All shapes and sizes and color. From every imaginable background, timeline, and universe. My writing explores the bonds of friendship, the long-lasting sting of betrayal, the sweeping passion of love and lust and everything in between. The child soldier, the widower, the refugee. The orphan, the leader, the lover. The adventurer, the reluctant and the recluse. The webs that connect us and branch out at the crossroads; the moments we can never forgive and the strength it takes to look in the mirror.

In my poems and short stories, I work through these concepts in myriad styles. My novels weave several of these themes at once in a science fiction or fantasy setting.


Work in Progress:

My novel, The Waterclock Wars, is a twilight steampunk, dawn of cyberpunk geopolitical thriller spread across six narrators. I am currently pitching it to literary agents and I can’t wait to share it with you.


 About This Website:

 On this website you will find

  • A blog updated monthly with my writing adventures, triumphant (and disastrous) recipes, the Mini Kitchen podcast featuring a monthly guest foodie, reviews on literature, film, podcasts, and television whenever I feel so inspired, my fairly 20170217_192000regular shenanigans, and Nefie, my pup. Lots and lots of Nefie.
  • Short stories, flash fiction, and poetry—a gift from me to you.
  • Regular updates on The Waterclock Wars and all other WIPs, including publishing status and where to purchase.

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I would love to hear from you!

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