South Street Santa Muerte

2018-06-09-19-22-41-784-copy.jpgI approached last weekend in a mood. Another death occurred in the family, someone for whom I have much love and respect, and with whom my mother was very close. Our family has taken a real beating in the past two months and I feel increasingly helpless and useless.

But there were birthdays to celebrate and vegan treats to consume. I was determined to be as present with my friends as possible. Joan wouldn’t have approved of any sulking.

Philly VegFest was fun. Not a lot to report, really. Many of the same vendors came and we sampled a lot of food. I am noticing my body doesn’t react well to highly processed foods now, even if my taste buds otherwise approve.

Last week I bought this really bitchin’ tank with an elephant on it that said, “Plant Eater.” The same vendor was there, so I meandered over with my friend. I wanted a stash of their buttons because my canvas tote bag needed decorating. I noticed a stack of little yellow flyers with The Bearded Vegans logo on it. Snatching one up, I showed Bobbie, saying, “I love these guys! I listen to their podcast all the time.”

The guy behind the booth said, “yeah?”

Nodding, I confirmed, “Yeah, man. They’re awesome.”

“Thanks,” he said, gesturing unambiguously to his beard. “I’m one of them.”

My friends and I spent the rest of the day wandering South Street, which was one block 20180611_204808 - Copyup from the festival. I behaved and only bought, like, a dozen things. My favorite store was Eye’s Gallery. Its three amazing floors of Latin American folk art. I could have spent hours in there. I bought a sugar skull pillow and a Santa Muerte figurine. I think I’ll build an alter for La Huesada and surround her with photos of my loved ones.

20180609_192005 - CopyWe finished our adventure at the Tattooed Mom. The food was fantastic, the cocktails interesting, and the view…well. The view was absolutely stellar.

There were other adventures, too. One amusingly involved a belly full of Mexican food and tequila whilst being jackasses on the local carnival Zipper. Another involved a mani/pedi where we were told, in no uncertain terms, not to move—and then left to20180609_210210 - Copy our own devices for a solid thirty minutes. At some point, over coffee and homemade hummus, I even finished a puzzle.

It was a weekend Joan would approve of.

I’m on the last Imelda Balanos chapter for draft three edits. My goal is to finish it before Firefly. I am leaving for Dover on Thursday and returning Saturday. The Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival is in town this weekend, so I am hoping to attend after a catnap. Then, on Sunday, I will be attending Baltimore Pride.

Next week, I will begin draft three edits to Jay Harvey Mead chapters. Things should 20180609_191957begin to move more quickly, now. I have already spent a great deal of time on Jay Harvey, so I know exactly where to focus. There’s a bit, right at the beginning of the third arch, where things stumble a bit. Once I sort that out, I can move on to the second-tier narrators. Afterwards, agent-query time!!!

More adventures to come. Stay tuned.

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