Cool, it’s working. I lost six pounds last week.

If you’re checking in for the first time, I’m exploring the Whole Food Plant Based diet (health vegan) while training 5K, T25, dance, and occasional free and body weight routines.


Some would say that I negated the work I did all week by splurging. I say #livingmybestlife.

I kept cool by munching on MOMPOPS vegan popsicles (y’all worked your butts off out there, mad props) throughout the day. The sun was hot and the crowd thick, but those popsicles hit the spot and kept everyone in a great mood. Lunch was the Beastmode Burger Deluxe from Cinnamon Snail (the line is worth it).

Then we wandered the vendors. I bought a tank top at, I think, nearly every shop that sold shirts. There were folks walking around with a blind python and I got to pet her! But the BEST PART was when I happened upon Franklin.

I’d heard a rumor of a baby pig. A gal had told me excitedly about a piglet adoption agency that had been there the year previously. I confess I was dubious. My experience with living pigs was limited to never.

And then I saw little Franklin under the shade of the Pig Placement Network tent. He was on a leash hooked to a can that said “donation.” I fished out a few dollar bills, got in line, and waited nervously. When it was my turn to pet Franklin, I bent down, reached out my hand, and he shied away from me. I immediately pulled my hand back, concerned for him.

I don’t know anything about pigs, really. But I believe in consent, even when it relates to animals. I wasn’t going to touch Franklin if he didn’t want me to. But the lady at the booth soothed him and coaxed him onto his back so I could scratch his belly. He seemed to really love that.

Someone was telling me about the gallery of pig paintings and, since Franklin was only four months old, there weren’t any of his yet, but if I wanted to, I could pay to have one done and the proceeds would go towards the care of little piglets…I fished out another ten dollars.20180603_203404

I had no idea what she was really saying to me, but I felt warm and fuzzy that Franklin liked tummy skritches and if a painting would help care for him, it was the least I could do.


They covered a canvas with my choice of paint colors, wrapped that in plastic wrap, sloshed yummy piglet food all over it, and let Franklin go to town! I was stunned, exhilarated, and absolutely delighted. They kept saying, “oh, a hoof print is good luck!” Franklin gave my canvas multiple hoof prints and even a couple hoof slides!

I am now a proud owner of my very own Franklin Pigcasso! It was the highlight of my day.

20180603_203111Then we headed to Roots and had a delicious meal. I loved the vibe in there and can’t wait to go back. Afterward, we went to Cinnaholic (think vegan Cinnabon) and I loaded a cinnamon roll up with coconut, raspberries, chocolate chips, brownie bits and hazelnut frosting. The staff had as much fun making it as I did eating it! Thanks, Cinnaholic! What an amazing experience.

We wrapped up the day by heading to Lush, where my girlfriends talked me into a bar of Noir henna dye and I talked them into the Don’t Look at Me facial mask. We spent the remainder of the evening drinking wine and spa treating ourselves.20180603_203231

It was an extraordinary day.

This weekend, Philly VegFest & D.C. Pride! It being two of my friends’ birthdays should make it extra special.

See you there.


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