Head Seamstress/Designer at Aurora Clothiers by Allengale Livestreams DIY Mask Pattern from Deaconess Hospital

Aurora Clothiers
Photo Credit: Aurora Clothiers by Allengale

Allen Ryde from Aurora Clothiers by Allengale pauses Princess Parties to produce face masks based on a design promoted by Deaconess Hospital. He has modified the pattern slightly by adjusting the type of elastic used.

The top strap goes as high or as low as you want and the lower strap can be tightened by tying a knot in the elastic. I find this design more sturdy and comfortable as I had difficulty with some of the designs behind the ears especially as I have hair tucked behind my ears and glasses in my everyday life. This design is easy to do[,] I just make the elastic loops 14″ long and instead of sewing them down the width of the mask[,] I sew them down the length, collage[then] pleat and edge stitch the entire thing. To me[,] it’s more comfortable and feels more secure than the ear loops.

The masks are made from all cotton with soft elastic for straps. His new design system has the inner lining as black and white striped and the outer as bice fabric. These masks should be laundered and disinfected before and after use and meant to be reusable.

Currently, Allen is producing a mass order of adult and kid sizes for Ren Vogel-Hanley, a local nurse on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response. He is open to creating more for those in need and only charging the cost of supplies and shipping. Donations and/or tips are also very welcome. You can order a mask or submit a donation via Venmo @Alex-Li-6.

If you have a sewing machine and these supplies at home, you can help! Watch the livestream of his DIY mask pattern here.


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