Digital Diary – Vegan Keto, The Beginning

In these final hours, I find myself binge-eating cheese and eggs.  I'm even drinking an IPA that has been in my fridge since Irish Mike left his residuals a year ago.  Because, I think to myself, fuck it.   I'm going vegan for a month.   Except, after two years successfully on keto—and having lost sixty pounds—I'm terrified of carbs. So, I'm going vegan, … Continue reading Digital Diary – Vegan Keto, The Beginning

Poetry Corner – 2.18A “Hangover”

  Wanting  desperately,  pathetically, that  itch in the center of my spine  that sly ouroboros  making it real  futile  making it true  it is true, isn't it:  true love is for other people.  White jagged scars crisscross;  ex marks the spot,  tarnished,  locked away, it  hurts less to be alone.  Sweetly indulgent courtiers  are not quite right. … Continue reading Poetry Corner – 2.18A “Hangover”