Digital Diary – Story Vomit

When I began this blog, declaring my commitments for poetry and flash fiction, I was worried it might interfere with my novel. I promised myself that The Waterclock Wars would remain my primary objective. And so, it has.

I dedicated the weekend to character editing, beginning with Julian Hardwick. I am still working through his chapters as I pen this quick blog update, but I wanted to share how helpful it was to put together a timeline and checklist for him. It is keeping his goals concrete, his voice consistent, and the plot concise.

I’m no writing professor. Largely, I am self-taught through trial and error. But if anyone out there is reading this for advice, I can confidently say character checklists are better used in the editing process. If there is anything—ANYTHING—I have learned about writing a novel, is that first you must vomit the story. Purge it out of you. Messily, nastily. Charging forward until the end without looking back. Say fuck it and commit.

If you think your story is gold on the first go, it’s not. It’s vomit.

And it should be.

Editing is where it becomes gold. It’s where the real work is. It’s where the real fun is.

I’m tuning into the Oscars for the first time in many years. I cannot honestly remember the last time I watched it. But there’s a cultural movement happening I am intrigued by.

I have been wanting to write about Black Panther. But it has been tremendously important to me to do so as an ally. I’ve been meditating on it and speaking about ally-ship with friends. I feel strongly that this is not a time for my voice to be heard louder than persons of color. It is a time for theirs to shine, for celebration, and for the rest of us to be joyful at their triumph. To lift them up without taking the spotlight.

All I can write for now is I am ecstatic at how wonderful the film is and how beautifully it is affecting our society.

If you’re watching the Oscars tonight, enjoy. If not, still, enjoy.

And if you want to write a story—say fuck it and commit.

All my love,




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