Digital Diary – It Begins

And so, the adventure begins.

I learned how to cook beets on Friday. I also learned that it takes hours to cook beets when you’re using a toaster oven or a hot plate. The recipes I was studying claimed beets keep better when you cook and store them in their skin, peeling just before consuming them. They also said that max cook time in a toaster oven was 50 minutes, and that was bullshit, so we’ll see what happens.

I fell asleep waiting for the beets to cook, waking a few hours later to turn off the hot plate. Luckily, the pot was very large and had plenty of water to boil down and the toaster oven maxes out at sixty minutes. Even so, the side of the beets not fully submerged in the water were still undercooked! I had to flip them over and bring it back to a boil.

20180224_093317I had better success preparing the beet greens. I blanched them and then sautéed them with garlic, storing with lemon wedges. I adored the way they smelled when boiling. It was brightly fragrant.

The test run of the avocado pudding was another challenge. The recipe I found on Pinterest called for too much cacao powder. I had to add another avocado and full fat coconut milk to calm it down.20180225_220702

I closed the evening by freezing the rest of my avocados, a simple process of halving them, brushing with fresh lemon, and storing in air tight Ziploc. I think plastic wrap might have worked better but had none on hand.

I am looking forward to making a beet and cilantro salad dish I found. I will try the recipe tomorrow. I think I’ll add roasted broccoli to it. I also picked up bok choy and a root of ginger. I don’t have a recipe for those ingredients yet but hit me up if you have any suggestions.

Stay healthful, friends!

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