On Publishing – 1.24.18

There was a time, not too very long ago, when I thought finishing a draft of a novel was daunting. That was before I began seriously researching the road ahead. That hazy, lofty dream of publishing The Waterclock Wars is crystallizing at the top of a mountain. The climb is dotted with agent research, query letters, web design, networking, rejection and revision. And I will have to climb the mountain while juggling social media accounts like a trained circus performer.

It’s going to be an interesting year.

If there is anything The Waterclock Wars has taught me, it is discipline.

And so, I have begun a list of agents who expressed interest in steampunk submissions in the last year. I have begun research on query letters and editors. I have expanded my network of would-be and published authors. I have begun brainstorming flash fiction pet projects and submissions to HitRecord for funzies.

I have scheduled a writing retreat for myself in September for the first draft of the sequel.

Let’s do the damn thing.

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