Adventum – Having Arrived

My first blog. Good night, man; what is this new madness I have committed to?

I’m nervous, truth be told. Like right before the first kiss, or the initial plummet down a roller coaster, the excitement is physical.

I’ve been thinking all week, as I build this site, on what to blog about first. The latest film I saw? The breathless anticipation of beta feedback on my latest draft of The Waterclock Wars? How magic it was when I added pineapple to my portabella mini pizzas?  The rueful pride I felt when I finally unpacked my suitcase from vacation (which was three weeks ago)?

Perhaps the best place to begin is by introducing myself. Visit the About G page to learn about what inspires me and what you can expect from this website. Have we met? Drop me a line and introduce yourself too!

I’m excited. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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4 thoughts on “Adventum – Having Arrived Leave a comment

  1. Welcome to the next step in your writing career: building an audience.

    As far as what to talk about, talk about what is important to you. The people who stick around will be your core followers.


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